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Top 5 Reasons To Choose Organic Supplements

Below are the top benefits of choosing organic nutritional supplements.

1. They Contain More Nutrients

More than 300 studies have found that organic crops — from apples, blueberries, and carrots to zucchini — have substantially higher concentrations of antioxidants and other nutrients than non-organic ones.[3] And organic supplements usually come from these organic foods.

2. They’re Free of Toxins & Chemicals

When you take a certified organic dietary supplement, you know that you are using a product that has not been exposed to hundreds of toxic chemicals. Many pesticides and herbicides are carcinogenic or cause endocrine-disruption.[4]Choosing organic means making a conscious effort to keep these harmful toxins and chemicals out of your body.

3. You’ll Experience Better Taste & Nutrient Absorption

Your taste buds will tell you — organic food tastes great! Healthy soils produce nutritious plants that become nourishing food (and sometimes, wholesome supplements). When you consume a supplement derived from the whole plant, you’re consuming a range of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that the body uses.

The body more easily absorbs nutrients from organic products.[5] For instance, your body absorbs natural vitamin E twice as efficiently as the synthetic form.[6] In another case, one-quarter of the amount of natural vitamin K is as effective as the synthetic version.[7]

4. You Help Conserve Wildlife

Organic farmers work in harmony with nature, promoting sustainability and building healthy ecosystems. Organic farms have 30 percent more animal and bird species on average than non-organic ones.[8] These animals live on farmland and assist in natural pest control — a win-win situation!

5. You Help Preserve the Environment

Astonishingly, it takes more energy to produce synthetic fossil-fuel-based fertilizers than to cultivate, harvest, and transport crops — combined![9] Organic farming uses half the energy of conventional methods.[10]

Organic farmers use environmentally-friendly farming methods that not only conserve water but also help keep pesticides out of our clean water supplies. In other words, buying organic reduces your footprint on the earth.