A lot, or a little, the choice is yours! Our bulk department allows you to have the freshest products in just the amount you want.

Buying in Bulk Pros

Almost always cheaper per unit. This is the big advantage of buying items in bulk. When you buy an item in bulk, you’re almost always saving money on each use of that product. This might be a small difference per use – perhaps only a few pennies – but if it’s an item you use frequently, those pennies add up rapidly. If you save 10 cents on something you use daily, that’s $36.50 in savings per year.

You rarely run out of that product. This makes it less likely that you’ll need to make an unexpected trip to the store, which is usually a source for additional impulse buys.

More environmentally friendly. Most bulk purchases have significantly less packaging per use than smaller purchases have. Jumbo packs of toilet paper, for example, are covered in one layer of plastic wrap, whereas individual smaller packs have just a few rolls covered in plastic. A jumbo jug of laundry detergent holds a lot more in a container that’s made up of a bit more plastic than smaller containers.

Makes it easier to handle emergencies. Having a large quantity of basic toiletries and food items on hand means that in an emergency situation, you’re prepared for the worst. Many people stock bulk supplies in their basement for preparedness reasons.

Fewer trips to the store. Not only do bulk purchases mean fewer emergency trips to the store, it can mean fewer trips, period. With plenty of supplies on hand, it becomes easier to spread out visits to the store, meaning there are fewer situations to spend money on impulse buys and less fuel and mileage spent traveling.

Allows for low-cost bulk meal preparation. If you like to prepare meals in advance, bulk purchasing can make that process a lot easier and cheaper. Buying bulk quantities of pasta sauce, pasta and ricotta cheese, for example, makes it easier and more cost-efficient to prepare several pans of lasagna at once.