Our Mission

                                    To inspire and enable everyone to be MORE: to rediscover themselves through food, health, and the community.

Company Culture

Foster understanding and generosity: Respect, Listen, and Learn from Everybody Around You Although we work in a department, as a 2Js employee we serve the store as a whole. We must encourage and support each other to succeed; Build each other up instead of standing in each other’s ways. • Respect for and patience with people and processes • Freedom to share ideas, questions, concerns, criticism, and to ask for help! • Foster curiosity and engagement through teamwork and problem solving • Giving/contributing to something bigger than one’s self


Inspiring and enabling connection, collaboration, sharing, and service. We value the power that food has to connect people to each other and to the land We value creativity, collaboration and a respect for new ideas and experiences We value the sharing of resources and understanding We value service to each other and our community We want our values at 2Js to extend from our customers and employees to the community

2Js Goals


o To provide the freshest, highest quality products possible o To be a resource: offering knowledge and expertise that prompts customers to have fun with their food, to explore new ways of doing things, and to create shared experiences with others o To encourage healthy and nutritional alternatives o To provide an engaging shopping experience that makes them look forward to their next visit


o To connect to our community through our customers, employees, and our collaboration with local organizations o Inspire customers and employees to get involved with the community o Make a Greater Great Falls for generations to come by instilling values in the community. o To take our mission to the community by collaborating with local organizations that have similar values


o Foster opportunities for personal and professional development o Encourage meaningful relations with customers and with co-workers o Provide a healthy and safe work environment for employees o Cultivate the wellness of our employees and their families by putting their needs first


o To carry new and exciting products that focus on the fresh, local, artisanal, innovative, and exceptional o To celebrate the stories and producers behind the products o To offer nutritional products as well as viable options for folks with dietary restrictions o To understand the significance /applications of the products we carry while staying up to date on changes and innovations in our industries