Perfect for the eco-minded shopper. Our selection of household products is stocked with paper and cleaning products you can feel good about.

A small list of some important non grocery items you may want to keep in your home. This is our list of items we carry, what does your list look like?

Toilet Paper – We have a crazy amount of TP in storage! I may be a little obsessive about this, but my family always has a bunch of toilet paper on hand.  I look for it on sale and stock up. We have supplies of it under every bathroom counter and in storage, under the stairs and in other places you might not even think to look for toilet paper! We will not be caught without it.

Paper goods – Having a supply of paper plates, cups, towels and plastic utensils can be invaluable when the power is out. We always use the real thing when we can, but keeping paper goods handy means I don’t have to worry about washing dishes during a power outage. It also comes in handy when unexpected guests drop by!

Compostable plastic products – I like to use the heavy duty, freezer storage strength kind. I use them for all kinds of things. I love how you can freeze meals flat and then stand them up on end, they are my top space saver item in the freezer. Zip bags are also great to use in your emergency kits. I can’t think of a better way to keep things separated (your shampoo broke in your kit, Oh No!) and protected from water and mishaps. We carry eco friendly compostable plastic ware for the nights you dont want to do the dishes.